Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Weekends Work

Last weekend while we were at Yakima at a Volleyball tournament and I came across an awesome garage sale...We were headed for the Goodwill (Yes...That's the first place I head when the kids are between games)!  When we spotted a garage sale in a beautiful old neighborhood...My Favorite!!!   Not only are the "finds" usually Great but I just love looking at the old houses and their lovely gardens!!!

Anyway - This one did not disappoint!! I picked up this incredible vintage typewriter....


I also got the crystal lamp you see in the background...It cleaned up beautifully...The shade is up in my sewing room getting ready for a "face lift"...It will be a later post.  :)

As for the Altered clipboards..I finished them on Saturday along with the painted frame.
Again I will do a longer post on the clip boards...I just wanted to show you what I've been up too.  :)

As for this darling little owl I picked him up Saturday morning and them drooped him on his head on Sunday...*@!& it all.....broke his ear.  :(

I also worked on  this shabby little table/ magazine rack...I'm trying to get the veneer off the top...any suggestions would be appreciated!  Oh yes, I also finished painting the white wire baskets (behind the lamp).

And then, last but not least, I decoupaged  this darling little picture from The Graphics Fairy,
onto a galvanized bucket, I picked up at the GW a while ago.....

The problem is...It looks to good on my table in the hallway and I want to keep it.  :(

So there you have it...A bunch of lovely new finds headed down to the shop! 
(And the reason my house is still dirty).
Thanks for stopping by...Leave a comment...I would love to hear what you've been up to!
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  1. I always have my eye out for a typewriter like that at Goodwill, but no luck so far. You did good!!

  2. Love the typewriter, I have an old one but need to find ribbons for it. I can't wait to see how you did the clip boards I have one that I need to decorate. Yours came out beautiful. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  3. Love your GF-embellished galvanized bucket. And, your altered clipboards are simple darling!

  4. Love these GW finds! What a great idea! We are at tennis tournaments most weekends and I need a distraction!!!
    Thanks for linking up at I'm Not a Trophy Wife! L

  5. Great finds! Thanks for sharing...Connie



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