Sunday, April 3, 2011

Project 64, Week 13: Spring Green

The Crayon color this week for Project 64 is Spring Green....and what could be more Springy or Green than a Spring Peeper???  OK..I know I've used pictures of frogs before...but the name of my blog is Spittin Toad after all.  :)
 I have always loved these little creatures...Salamanders too!!  When I stumble across one I still have the urge to catch and just hold it in my hand.....
I'm afraid there is no hope of out growing it...I am 50 ya know.  :)

The sound of frogs croaking on a spring night is music to my ears...After hearing a loud c-r-o-a-k on my patio I spotted these "little guys" in a small water garden ....last year a frog laid eggs in it....the tadpoles were so fun to watch grow... I wonder if either of these are the same frog..or maybe a returning baby?

                           Now hop to it (I know that's bad but I couldn't help it) and join the fun!!!

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  1. Oh he's so cute! I love frogs and always try to catch them and hold them when I see one! Great capture!

  2. Cool macro shots. I don't know if frogs return to place of birth to lay eggs....but ducks do.

  3. I love that first one! Great spring green shots!

  4. love them and I too love hearing them sing on spring and summer nights! Thanks for playing along!


  5. As another 50-ish boomer, I also love listening to tree frogs on spring nights. This little guy is so cute. When the kids were young, we were known to straddle creeks and collect tadpoles for Show and Tell! My Spring Green is at:



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