Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Visit to Dragonfly Farm...One of my Favorite Plant Nurseries!

Last Friday I dropped Autumn off at Volleyball camp and headed out for an adventure with a couple of girl friends at Dragonfly Farms...Now why would I refer to a plant nursery as an adventure?
Well you soon will see...this nursery is full of wonderful surprises!!!
Like these two Bad .....!  :)

Aren't they great!?!?  Simply coffee pots turned upside down and welded to frying pans...I could do that!!!  (Bought a pot on my way home at a garage sale)  :)

The owner has wonderful gardens planted that are a pure joy to wander through....

These clay heads are made by an artist in Port Townsend.  And as for the wine bottle would be easy to make... not to mention, one could have a VERY GOOD TIME gathering all those bottles!!!!  Hmmmm

This bird bath inspired my son to make a similar one, out of old car parts for my parents for Christmas one year.

Ok...I know...Last year after my visit...I promised a tutorial on how to make these glass flowers.
Well, I think it is actually going to happen this fall...I have my girlfriends and our tools gathered ...we just have to pick a date...always the hardest part!

Don't ask me why, but I just adore old cement sinks...I have one by my pump house that has been just sitting there for years...I LOVE the way she built a stand for it!!  Let me say it again...I could do that!!  Hmmm but will I?

These two "Birds Nest" made out of wrenches and pliers are sooo creative... the nest is barb wire...who thinks of these things anyway???

I want one!
Of course there are plenty of wonderful plants there too...

Like these pink Echinacea...

And this tree I planted in my "Fairy Garden" a couple of years ago.

I adore it's blooms!

This year I bought some new succulents for the concrete pot I made...NICE!

I will be linking up to Sunday in My City...the easiest way to see the world form you computer chair!! :)
And ,Fishtail Cottage's "Flora Thurs."...I just discovered this one..:)
Love them both!!!
And as always..
Thanks for visiting my little neck of the woods!!

Unknown Mami


  1. What a creative, wonderful, and inspiring place.

  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE all those garden "specialties" - - - but the birdies in the nests and the coffee pot people take the cake!

  3. Those are soooooooo cool! I must make a coffee dude but where on earth will I put it in my apartment?

  4. What a fun place!!! I would feel so creatively inspired there. Thanks for visiting today and your sweet comment! I'm excited that you liked the dresser enough to Pin it! Thank you!! :)

  5. What an inspiring place to visit! I love the nest. ::Jill

  6. That bird's nest is amazing. Some people have the most creative minds. Enjoyed the tour.

  7. What a fun place I love the bird nest's too..
    Happy September.. hugs from Savannah, Cherry



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