Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project 64: Week #6 Apricot

OK...Here it is my entry for week #6 in the Project 64: Out of the Box Challenge.

Now Apricot is not a hard color for me...I love orange....any shade of the color...It just makes me HAPPY!!!  So I decide not to go with the obvious and try to find something "out side the box"...not really coming up with anything I went out in the pouring rain to grab some fire wood and then I saw it....a soaking wet piece of fir in the exact color I was looking for.......

Of course I did find apricot in other places and because she is just so lovely, I thought I'd also share with you my photo of Calico...My daughter's kitty.......Ya - I know not a very original name but Autumn was 4 when we got her.  :)

                And this darling picture by one of my kindergarten art students....Pretty sweet !!!!

                                       Anyway thanks for visiting!!!!  And join the fun:

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  1. The shades of apricot in the wood are amazing!

  2. Cool photos. The cat does want his/her photo to be taken :-)



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