Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sculpey Slugs

I first did this project with Autumn's 3rd Grade class...(She had the most Awesome teacher)!!
Anyway the kids had so much fun I've continued to make them with the kids in my Parks and Rec. classes.
If your not familiar with Sculpey it is a bake in the oven clay that you can get in most craft stores...I by mine either at Jo Ann's or Michael's...With a COUPON of course!!  :)

Garrets little friend JJ was over last summer so I had him help me make some samples for my class...We had lots of fun!!!

     As you can see its hard to stop once your start making slugs......So here's how we do it...
First roll the clay into a tootsie roll shape...kind-of long and fat.  Pinch or roll the end to make the tail.

Then pinch and shape the eyes...We like to add little beads to make them sparkle...  Push the beads firm into the clay and they will stay put....I have used larger black beads to make spots on their backs too....Use you imagination and what you have around the house..."The only way to do art to not do it at all"!! 

JJ's first slug...Lots more to come.  :)

Is that a Pack of Slugs or a Herd???

Of course Garret had to make Sponge Bob.

Autumn made flowers to go with her slugs.

So here is the finished tray ready to bake in the oven...Good times!!  ;)
(Autumn made the Cupcake...Which has also been copied many times over).

Well thanks for visiting and Go Hug A Slug!!!
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  1. I love slugs! What an adorable exaltation of slugs.



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