Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Too Cute Turkeys Bowls...How Too...

Here's a whole Gaggle... Ummm  Herd...No Flock...that's it...of Turkey Bowls that my "art kids" made....Get it Turkey bowl...Like the football game...Tee-Hee.   I planned on posting them much earlier but life got busy!  :0

They were done by a little group of grade school kids that I teach after school art to...Grades  K-5.

I love the colors they choose and

how each one has it's own personality!!!
So here's how they're made:

We start out with a ball of clay ( terracotta is my favorite for this project) and make  simple pinch pot with very thick sides.

Then we pull up the neck and head out of the original pot...My theory is the less pieces you have to attach the less chance you have of them falling off when the clay dries....

With that being said some of the kids did make the neck and head and then attached them to the body and none of them fell off.  :)

I did use another small ball of clay to make the tail and then attached it by scoring both sides then adding a little water and pressing them together.

The eyes are little round balls of clay that are pushed in with the end of a pencil.
I also used a pencil to draw the front feathers in along with the eyelashes.
I fired them in the kiln and the next week the kids painted them and I fired them one more time.

Here is my finished turkey...And

Better yet the kids!!

Well that's it, a real simple fun Turkey, that are already a cherished treasure!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Oh My Gosh....this is sooooooo cute. Makes me want to run out and get some clay! We are your newest followers. Hope you come check us out!



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