Monday, March 19, 2012

From Thirftshop Mirror to Chalkboard Diva DIY

Happy first day of Spring everyone!!!  I hope yours is filled with sunshine!!  Here, in my little town of Poulsbo the weather has been FAR from spring like...We have had snow on and off for the last two weeks...YIKES!! 

Oh well...When the weather is crummy the thrifty go shopping.  :)
And shopping I did....I have been looking for a mirror to transform into a chalkboard ever since last summer (Summer-Ahhh...I can almost feel the sun on my skin...) anyway I finally came across the perfect one at the GW for only $6.00...(Happy Dance).

It was painted this BRIGHT RED...and had flower stickers on it (which came off quite easily) and had the most lovely shape.  So....

The first thing I did was cover the mirror with paper and painted the wood with KRYLON's Dual Paint plus Primer in Ivory (my new favorite spray paint...I used it on my bowling balls too...but that's another post :)
I gave it 3 or 4 light coats...can't remember for sure but you know the drill...several light coats is better than one thick one.
I let it dry for a about a week (because I never got back to it)...

Carefully  taped the freshly painted wood and sprayed on the chalkboard paint...again doing several light coats.

I sanded the edges to let the red show through and...

Added the metal hose clamp to hold the jars for the chalk.....Which is really cool because you can change it's size to fit different

containers with a simple screw driver.  :)
 I used two different size jelly jars to hold my Chalk and my Chalk Pens.

I also added two cute little bird hooks that I got at World Market for only $1.50 each....What a deal!!!

The chalk markers are fun and bright but they need to be washed off and they do leave a mark, even after erased.

I haven't deiced where to hang it yet...or if I will sell it down at the space I'm considering leasing..(Shh don't tell anyone...I haven't deiced for sure yet...but it does sound like fun and you know I LOVE retail!!).

Anyway..know what else is fun???!?
Link parties!!!
And as usual, I will be linking up to many of them on my side bar.  :)



  1. so cute! i love the jar clipped right to it- that is a perfect idea!

  2. That looks so good. I like your hooks that you attached to it.I found you on Dragonfly Designs and I am a new follower. Come by and visit me.

  3. Your chalk board came out great. And in Michigan we skipped spring and went right to summer, it was 80 degrees here today about 30 to 40 degrees about normal for this time of year. Yikes is right! Laura

  4. Looks great. The jar and hook were smart additions.

  5. LOVE it! I'm definitely going to be looking for a mirror at the thrift stores from now on.

  6. love the chalkboard great job and i love how the mason jar is attached!

  7. Hi Denise, first of all I wanted to stop by to personally thank you for Pinning my Canary Yellow Table, how very very thoughtful of you, and I'm so flattered!
    Second, what a lovely blog you have!!! I'm following now so I won't miss a thing:)
    And third, the chalkboard...ahhhhhhhhmazing! I love chalkboards and today sold a large one in my booth, yours is just gorgeous, and I love seeing the before photos, great job! Thank you again, so happy I found you! tami

  8. I am so in love with this chalkboard! You made it just darling, I am so inspired!!! Have a very happy day, jules

  9. Looks great, I love the little attached jar for chalk. I'm now a GF and Linky follower...

  10. Beautiful! I especially love the metal hose clamp idea to hold the chalk jars... brilliant.

  11. This looks great-love the chalk holder idea and the hook!! Following you from MMS-stop over for a visit!

  12. What a super idea with the hose clamp! I can not wait to see what you are doing with bowling balls! Deb

  13. This is a great idea! I always see these mirrors and they just aren't quite pretty enough to stay mirrors! I'm going to snatch the next one up!! ~Lori

  14. Hi again - I atrted looking around your blog and found this post. Poulsbo WA - that's one of my favorite towns in Washington State. I would move back if I could (and buy a house there - love it!). I used to live in Kirkland WA and made many trips up to Poulsbo and its environs. Gorgeous country there!

    I chalk painted a mirror (the actual mirror as well) - but I used chalk paint out of a bottle (Martha Stewarts)and I kept getting these spots where it wouldn't stick. Is the spray paint from Krylon so much better? I guess so if you didn't encounter any problems

    Great Project




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