Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Transfer a Printed Image Using Mod Podge

I went out Garage Salin...(Is that a word)? last weekend with a girl friend of mine, that I hadn't seen in WAY to long!  It was so much fun ...just like old times only the kids weren't with us and we were no longer looking for Barbie stuff and GI Joe's.  :)

Anyhow I got this little table or plant stand for only $2.00 although it was in great shape it did need to be "jazzed up a bit...maybe I should say "Sabbyed" up.  :)


I painted it BEHR's "Whisper Yellow".

I then zipped on over to one of my favorite Blog:

And looked for a design for the top.  It was between this and a lovely old rooster but in the end the Bee Hives won out.

I tried several different way to transfer the design ...first I tried to print it on wax paper...Wow what an inky mess!! :(   Then I tried printing it onto printer paper and wetting the back side to get the ink to transfer....
another MESS...

In the end the method that worked for me was to:

Put down a thin layer of Mod Podge directly onto the stool

Then I carefully laid the image face down where I wanted it ...making sure there were no wrinkles.
(Did I mention you need to flip the image for this method)?

Anyway after it was down I rubbed the paper with my fingers to make sure it was  stuck real good...(That sounded kind of red neck..."stuck real good"!  :)
Then I peeled the paper all of it did not come up, so I let it dry and sanded it lightly with sand paper until I had the look I wanted.

After a light distressing I painted over the yellow (Not the Image) with a very watered down mixture of brown and black acrylic paint and quickly wiped it off...
I then splattered a little paint here and there to give it that aged look....

Not bad for a $2.00  Plant Stand!!

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  1. Nice job! THe whole image transfer thing has been hit or miss for me. The waxed paper does work but it really can be a mess!

  2. I just posted about my graphic transfer fiasco! Yours came out really nice! Did you use a laser printer copy or ink jet and how long did you leave the paper on for?

  3. Great job! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I love your table. I've tried the freezer paper method and it never seemed to dry so I just sprayed some poly over it. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. Oh...Yikes...I forgot to mention I too sprayed mine with Krylons Satin Finish. :)

  6. I love the table. I love the image you added to the top. I'm your newest follower. Come check out my blog when you have a minute.

  7. this is a great looking little table and you gave good directions. I'm for sure going to try it.

  8. Love this idea!!! I am totally going to try it!

  9. wow...such a great idea, such a cute table!!

  10. Thanks for this tutorial. This is a project I want to do with two bar stools I bought. I was wondering how to put the transfer on. Thanks!

  11. Came over from Graphics Fairy. Applause, applause - wonderfully done and beautiful to boot!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  12. Stuck real good.... sounds right to me! Great job!

  13. Very nice job. I too need to venture into transfer land - have always wanted to try it. I just need a few hours to try a few ways to do it. Yours sound fairly easy!

    Great little project for $2 plus some time.


    PS - I am a new follower...maybe you can come over to my blog and follow as well (and look around - you may get some inspiration!!)

  14. Hi! I'm visiting from the Etcetorize link up party. I have been wanting to try doing mod podge transfer {but am a bit nervous}...yours turned out beautiful!

  15. that is so very cool! i need to try that some time!

  16. Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday :)

  17. What a cool project! You picked the perfect image. I'm excited to look around your blog and see what else you have! I'm you newest follower, and I'd love to have you stop by my little blog:


  18. Fabulous $2 table and I love the graphic you chose. Thanks much for your visit and comment on my blog. LOVE your blog name! :)

  19. OMG!!I am the PROUD owner of this table!!! I just love it so much! I saw this and Snatched it up right away! THANK YOU!!

  20. oooh - this I love! I have yet to do an image transfer on furniture (anything actually). This is beautiful!

  21. Great idea, table looks good, Thanks for this online beds and mattresses

  22. I let it dry and sanded it lightly with sand paper until I had the look I wanted.
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