Friday, May 25, 2012

From Mirror to Chalkboard

OK...I'm trying this again!!
I just wanted to share with you this Chalkboard that I just finished
 along with a wonderful blog and Blog Party that I thought you all might enjoy.

But for some reason I couldn't for the life of me get things to link up properly so....
I just gave up and deleated the whole darn thing.  :(

Anyway I'm back now and here it is...

The Chalkboard I purchased at a garage -
Well maybe I should say the Mirror I purchase at a gargae sale...Very Cheap!!  :)
The frame was so lovely I choose to leave it as is, so I covered it with painters tape and simply spary painted the mirror with Krylon's Chalkboard Paint
Maybe to much so!!  I had planed to sell it at my booth Viking Village but my daughter REALLY wanted it for her room....
So here it hangs counting down the days till Summer Vacation...YEA!!!

Now if all things work this time I will send you to the lovely blog I tried so hard to do earlier today:
Nope it's not going to work...I will just have to put it on my side bar...look for this button and give her a visit!!  :)  Along wit all the other Groovy parties there!!

Now let me ask you...My computer is saying "HTML cannot be accepted: closing tag has no matching opening tag"...but I don't know what that means or how to fix it. Help!


May I also add that my spell check is not working which for me is also a VERY BAD THING!!


  1. Cute chalkboard! The problem with the tag is this....something that you added i.e. link button html, isn't complete. You can either go back and copy it and paste it again, or you can figure out what's missing. Anything you add must have the same beginning and end "tag" in html. For example, many of them begin with < and so must end with > it's usually this symbol that is missing on one end: < or > you can go in and add it yourself, otherwise the html code is considered to have a broken tag. Does that make sense?

  2. Great project! I have a giant frame similar to this. You're giving me ideas on how to finally put it to use. Thanks so much for sharing at Etcetorize this week!



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