Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kids Art: Giraffes (With Some Very Unique Markings)

Here is a fun project we did in art class that I will certainty do again!!!
The kids have been been enjoying adding patterns to all of our art work so ...
Why not Giraffes?


After showing the kids some examples of giraffes I found on Etsy...(just to get their creative juices going), I did a directed draw of a Giraffe on the white board for the kids that weren't sure where to get started.

Oil Pastels with Water Color painted over it.

I love that even when I show them step by step how to draw something they all turn out so wonderfully different!! 

We discussed different kinds of shapes they might want to use for the marks on the Giraffes...
And I let them choose what type of media....
Oil Pastels, Markers or Water Colors.

As you can see they turned out ....



Oil Pastels

Each one just as unique..

Oil Pastels with water color

Oil Pastels

As the child who created it!!!

Oil Pastels

So there it is...Some very unique Giraffes...
Give it a try with your was loads of fun!!
And as usual....

Thanks for stopping by!!
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  1. They are all great and what a great way to inspire them! Thanks for linking up to STL Wednesday!



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