Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gypsy Heart Necklace

Finished this little necklace the other day...

I have been pinning fiber art for jewelry for some time now and finally decide to try my hand at it....
True to my nature (and my budget) I wasn't about to buy anything new to make it.

 Of course I have a plenty of felted wool scraps laying around...and
I love the combination of green and pink...and with Valentines just around the corner...Well it just made sense to put them together!! 

 The lace came out of of sandwich bag full of vintage ribbon I picked up at a garage sale...
And of course the buttons are vintage too!!

I hand stitched a smaller heart on the back ...Can't leave it blank.  :)

So what do you think??  It was fin to make...but will it sell??
(Will probably link up to some of the priest on my side bar...they do rock!!)


  1. I love mixed media art jewelry pieces. This one is quite lovely. That is a special detail to place the small heart on the back.

  2. What a fun piece! I love felted wool, so this is such a fun mixture! Thanks for sharing with SYC.



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