Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to Make Altered Art Domino Pendants

The other day I had some friends over to make pendants out of dominoes...
What fun we had!!!

 Not to mention the results were beautiful.

This whole project started when Maryanne picked up some Bakelite Dominoes at a garage sale.
Ellen tied me down to a time (which is sometimes hard to do) plus she promised to bring lunch....Yummm!  
I gathered up materials cleared the kitchen table not that it stayed clear for long...

What a fun, creative mess!!

Three of the ladies brought stamps...something I had never considered...

And Ellen kept finding the perfect words out of an old paper back that was torn up from some other project....

She also brought 3 rolls of washi tape...something that I had never used before...

Mary brought an old photo of her twin sisters...
and made a necklace for each of them.  :)

The picture was kind of grainy so I did my best to edit it on the computer before cropping and printing it out for the pendants.

I think they turned out nice.  Don't you?

So here's what we did in a nut shell...
Using scrap paper, washi tape, stamps, pages from a book and old photo's we planed our design for each domino. 

Next glue the pieces onto each domino using a craft glue.

Use a finger nail file to file the paper along the edges of your domino.

Last step is to seal them with Diamond Glaze.  Try not to get any bubbles but if you do we used toothpicks to remove them.

Diamond Glaze is wonderful stuff but I'm careful not to get it on my counter tops, so I always use a paper plate. 

I like to place a bit of sparkle in the wet glaze...which holds it for life.  :)

Want more ideas check out my Raven Collection

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  1. These are so cute! I'm curious, what did you use for the bail and when did you apply it?

    1. Good questions! I ordered my bails from Rings and Things, they have plenty to choose from, order ones with a flat back for gluing. I wait 24 hours for the Diamond Glaze to dry and then glued them on with E-6000.

  2. These are so cute! I'm curious, what did you use for the bail and when did you apply it?

  3. I was wondering about the bail also. I love the way these turned out.

    1. Donna, I use a bail with a flat back made for gluing and E-6000 to glue it. I think I should add that to the post. :)
      Thanks for asking!!

  4. Super cute Denise. I love them! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. How pretty. And they look like so much fun too!

  6. okay i just saw this on my repurposed life and i hope you still are answering questions, are the dots on the backside? this is way cool xx



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