Friday, May 28, 2010

Flashback Friday... More Tie Dye

Here's my entry for Flashback Friday... Autumn and two of her"Race Track friends"
My family LOVE'S TO TIE DYE!!!.... the girls did these sets back in 2005...I think we do some kind of tie dye project every year...anyway don't they look cute...I think they wore them all weekend.
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  1. Oh I've always wanted tie dye!! I think I went through a time period where I thought I was too cool for it, but now I'm really wanting to do it. I should set up a line and make some onesies and shirts for my kids! Your post was very inspirational for me, haha.

  2. In my mind, when I think of tie dye, i always think of those funky loud colored rainbow shirts that I'd never wear or put my kids in, but THOSE shirts are ADORABLE, and I'd totally wear them!
    So cute!

  3. Gorgeous trio of girls - with the blooming garden behind it looks like a photo from a catalogue!
    And great job on that tye 'n' dye, a perfect summer outfit!



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