Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just thought I'd give you a peek at what I pulled out of my kiln, the other day...This was a fun project we did at my son's school...of course at school, they don't call them pot heads...not politically correct ya know! :0
I LOVE the eyes on this one!! Cool Robot Best Friends and a "Piggy Pot Head"
Too Cute!! Check out the pierced ears! The plants are Air Plants ... you simply plant them in gravel and mist them with a spray bottle to water them...pretty easy..pretty cool!! I even found a shop on Etsy that sells them Augury, Air Plants and More...
Check them out!


  1. lol, classic....i want some...great idea for the plants too...thanks for the stevia suggestion...i think i'll look into that, can the leaves be used in lemonade?

  2. Thanks Shelle!
    The Stevia leaves can definitely be used in Lemonade...pair it with edible flowers like pansies or lavender...your drink will look so festive!! They also dry the leaves and use it for baking!

  3. These are great, I love that piggy!



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