Monday, May 3, 2010

Friday Night at the Races

(Garrets car with the wings)
Wow...What an incredible night we had at Demning Speedway.....For those of you that don't son, Garret races 600 Micro Sprints there.....(Check out his blog 3G Racing)!! Anyway we started out with much anticipation was the "None-Wing Show...Most the year the cars run with wings on the top and the front...this helps hold them to the track and gives them more control......When you take the wings off you can really see who the good drivers are!! (Garret and I, in the "Pits")
And guess what it was my son!!! Of course I already knew that....But now everyone else does too!! (OK, OK,...I admit it I'm bragging, but it feels Soooo Good) He was passing cars on the out side and taking them two at a time!!! People in the stands were pointing at him and cheering!!! I mean ..... these are people we don't even know. I should have videoed it, but I just sat there, in AWE ...OK OK that's not true either: I screamed a lot (although all I can ever say is: GO-GO-GO)!!! Even the announcers were talking about him...he truly was the car to watch!! Now for the BUMMER started to rain and they canceled the A main......Like I said - Bummer...we just packed up our things and headed home....
When we stopped a a gas station to refuel and get goodies for the long drive home ...Three guys came up to him, and said: "Great Driving Dude"...or something like that, when I asked Garret who they were he said "I have no idea".....I smiled and thought to myself "more fans" was a good night!!!!

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