Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday...Garrets Birthday

My sons birthday was this week, so for Flashback Friday, I thought I'd take you back 5 years ago to his 11Th Birthday: It was a "CAMOUFLAGE BIRTHDAY"... (All my kids party's have themes.) :) All the kids came dressed in camouflage, plus they got camo scarfs in their Goody Bags.....But MOST IMPORTANT they all got MARSHMALLOW GUNS......WHOOO-HOOO!!! As you can see by the photos they were a VERY BIG hit.....with everyone....Even the adults!! We tied apples to the Willow tree and whoever ate theirs first won. The cake's were Camo too...I even split the batter up, into different shades of green and brown and then swirled them together...It was kind of cool and kind of disgusting looking, all at the same time!! What's your Flashback? Flashback Friday Button

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  1. I've never even heard of a marshmallow gun?? But anything that shoots out fluffy sugary treats... can't be all that bad, right? Haha.

    A camo birthday sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe one year I'll have to do something like that for my son. Our house is pretty much all camo all the time anyways (my husband being in the military and whatnot), but that doesn't seem to keep the boys from LOVING it.



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