Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last Day of School...Party at Point No Point!

Wow, why are the last few weeks of school so busy??? Ok, Ok ...the last month of school?!? I haven't hardly had a chance to look at my blog...but today I noticed that In A Yellow House was having a "water" photo challenge...and I thought how perfect!!! She is from Seattle...(right across the water from us). :D It has been a very wet and grey spring and water has been on all of our minds...I think the slugs have eaten everything in my garden ....Anyway, The sun came out last Friday for the last day of school....THANK YOU LORD!!!
We had sooo much fun at our favorite beach!!

The girls made a pyramid...

Played Volley Ball against the boys...It's sad how they now segregate, they use to hang out together we meet up like usual but the girls hang with the girls and the boys hang with the boys. :( ... I guess that's better than the next step...Dating...YIKES!!! This was my favorite ...They're making a Sea Anemone home. :)
Little Emma made a sand castle right by the volley ball game and cried when it got stepped on...She is the youngest of three and I so admire her mom...She just kindly suggested that she build it away from the game...never playing up to the tears...but thoughtful and loveing!
Anyway that's my Water Photo Challenge
Won't you join me?

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